Hey, I'm SJ.

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Yoga Guide, moulded by Tara Stiles & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Cheltenham UK.

I might be into asanas, but you’re more likely to find me in hi-tops and a snapback than mala beads.


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SJ Griffiths is a strala yoga guide having trained in NYC with the world-renowned “yoga rebel” Tara Stiles at her studio.  There are no rules in Strala.  The only way to move is where it feels good in your body.  Strala isn’t about the pose, it’s about loving the yoga journey and leaving your mat energised and happy.  Have you heard SJ’s playlist?  Anything from Snoop Dogg, Lauren Hill to Alt-J and Kate Bush.  WARNING Strala is likely to cause you insane amounts of happiness.

SJ is a qualified integrative nutrition healthcoach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition also based in NYC (what the heck SJ?!)  Simply put SJ is able to coach men & women in crucial life areas of relationships, career, finding a spiritual path and physical exercise.  Her ethos is that once these areas are more in check then food choices become better ones.  SJ will help you “crowd in” so much of the good food that the bad habits start to crowd out.  Diets don’t feature in SJ’s world as she’ll guide you to become your own body detective to realise what you need to sustain healthy eating and living for life.

SJ recently was selected to feature in the book “How to be a yoga Rockstar” written by the Editor of the National magazine “OM YOGA” Martin D. Clark.  Check out her double page spread!

SJ resides in the Cotswolds with Dora the cat, loves to walk in woodland to figure everything out (solvitur ambulando!) and adores breakfast of the creative variety notably banana pancakes with a range of healing spices.  You’ll also find her pumping the occasional iron to keep her bones strong and fat at bay all to gangster rap.  SJ reminds everyone that feeling like a bad-ass when in the gym will increase performance.